Lets try a new approach.

For the past couple of months I have been really struggling what to do with space, lets face it I am not the most gifted writer in the world. In fact, my life is probably as normal and least interesting as it gets. But I have this inner drive to do something more than just being normal….what to do. Well that’s what I hope to find out by putting myself out there more on social media, this blog, and life in general. So, I am gonna start by working on one of my passions, coaching. I am currently working thru one of my crazy ideas that I started a month ago to see if it would work (don’t worry the next entry will lay it all out there). Plus I am actually working on getting myself organized a bit better so I can get my thoughts and craziness out there on a regular schedule. So, for now don’t be surprised if you see the blog looking weird, out of place, or just a post that doesn’t make any sense..just like me, its a work in progress.

World B. (Eric)