I don’t want to be a GYM Rat!!!!

I don’t want to be gym rat, I want to be a “Sports Fitness Rat”

So I have been back in the gym since losing my weight and quite frankly (this is where all my athletes I coach are gonna call me out) I am not a fan of it….NOT AT ALL!  Maybe its because I am self conscious and I am always trying to go when no one else is around.  Or maybe its just plain boring to me.  Actually its both!!!!!!  Yes, I purposely try to find times when its not crowded and I can get to the stations/ machines I need too without having to have the awkward conversation and judgment look to see if I can use what I need to.  So I am gonna try an experiment to see if I can continue to lose my weight and increase my fitness level by playing/ trying/ and riding various sports/ activities.  I am gonna document everything I do by various social media accounts, this blog, and you guessed it YouTube as well.  I am pretty sure this will be a wonderful disaster but I am gonna have fun trying it.   So first the benchmarks….Weight-228 (I lost 50 some pounds from last year but I am stagnate now), Strength-I really don’t want to put down, its gonna hurt my manly image, Speed-is walking a speed?, and agility-ummmm none!  Next pics, I will be posting those on my instagram.  Now lets see if I got what I need to try this.

  • Enthusiasm-check
  • Drive—questionable but check
  • Equipment to various activities-check
  • Social media accounts-check
  • Family support-check
  • Friend support-after laughing at me non stop check
  • Camera equipment-still working on that so I will have to settle with my iPhone 6s camera that has a broken lens for now.

Well its look like there is no turning back now…Let the experiment begin!

World B.

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