Coaching is the best “full time part time” job you will ever have.

I ran into a parent of a former student athlete the other day and he asked me my thoughts about coaching. “Well”, I said, “Its the best job in the world! Being able to give back to a sport that gave me so much is beyond rewarding. There is nothing better than having your office be a lacrosse field.” As we continued the conversation that’s when he told me “it sounds nice to be able to coach for living.” My response to this was “Its the best Full Time Part Time job you will ever have.” Thats when I lost him. Apparently, there is this perception that if you are a Coach it pays pretty decent, especially in college. Well, I hate to burst everyones bubble but……… First off, I get way more from coaching than I could ever get paid for. I coach because I love it! Lacrosse has given me so much in life including self esteem, leadership skills, along with being part of team experiences that can’t be bought. So with all of that being said, if you are getting into coaching for the money its best you look someplace else. In fact, almost all high school coaches and some college coaches (mostly assistants) have full time jobs along with coaching individual athletes to help supplement their income. I personally work a salaried full time position (roughly 50-54 hours weekly) for a major retail chain, a part time Assistant Lacrosse Coach at a university, a part time Assistant Field Hockey coach at a local high school, along with coaching individuals PRO-BONO. The next thing he asked me was how much do I do when I am season. Well, besides attending practice (I never get out on time but that’s my choice), coaching meetings, I do work on some recruiting (I attend a couple of games to help out along with sending emails, contacting potential recruits), some practice planning, games, traveling, team selections (high school), and anything else that is needed. Believe me, if I had the extra time I would do a lot more. “Thats another full time job almost?.” well maybe it is. Then he asked me why I do it. I summed it up the best way I know how “Because I get to throw around a lacrosse ball with the smartest, brightest, most ambitious, hardworking, and wonderful people I have ever met. Being able to witness them grow up and embrace life is worth more to me than any paycheck I could receive.” The parent took a moment with the smile of being a proud parent told me he understood and then thanked me for what I did for his daughter. That is reason coaching is the best “Full Time Part Time” job anyone could ask to have.

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